Talkin' Shop w/ Leeda from FOUND Chiang Mai


Hello Leeda! Great to see you, why did you open FOUND?
I’ve been barbering for along time and I’ve always written down projects I want to pursue in detail. I’ve spend a long time looking for partners who share the same value and vision as I do until I found the right person at the right time and place then all this happened.

My favorite song is called “ Let’s get lost” lol, the name is from my clients actually and I’ve been move to somewhere else without telling them but when we reunited they’d like Where were you?! or oh I’ve found you.

And being a barber doesn’t mean that a person is there to cut your hair shorter. It’s like the whole relationship that builds around trust and feeling comfortable around each other company so we FOUND each other.

What is your vision for FOUND? How is it unique?
The vibes and experiences. Come find out yourself! Chiang Mai is a  tourist city with lots of café and nice bars , restaurants, temples, amazing local food.  Some people might come here to hike up the mountain or just chilling around town it’s the perfect combination between nature and metropolis.

What do you love about the shop? What is your favourite part?
Pretty much  every single thing. Everything you see here went through multiple experiments until we eventually found the best way to offer our service and for the best experience our client could ever get. It’s something we extremely proud of. We love every bit of it.

Barbershops have always been more than a fortnightly haircut, what role do you think they play in a community?
Transforming people look is something I’m passionate about. I’d like to think that barbering bring everybody together to hang out in the good calm environment. It’s humbling for me to think that we are all equal, we just love to be around good people and share good energies. Using local material is one of our way to connect with the community. We want to be a part of the society , not only in business aspects. We hope what we do here will distributed to a better community.

Awesome. Where can we send everyone to find you?
FOUND in Chiang Mai, Thapae rd, Thailand

Thanks, Leeda. Time for us to come visit & experience Chiang Mai!