Our Carbon Offsetting

We offset our carbon emissions through the Kamuthi Solar Power Project in India (the worlds 12 th largest solar park by capacity) and the Inner Mongolia Ximeng Zheligentu Wind Farm (A renewable energy power generation project in Inner Mongolia).
We have also partnered with greening Australia’s reforestation program. Greening Australia plant native carbon-sequestering trees across Southern Australia’s biodiversity belt to create Australia’s biggest carbon sink and establish one million hectares of habitat across southern Australia.
In 2020 we became a partner with “One Tree Planted” and committed to donating a percentage of each online sale to their organisation. These donations are used to plant trees around the globe, strengthening our natural ecosystems.
But is carbon offsetting really helping global warming? Offsetting emissions while continuing business-as-usual is NOT going to respond adequately to the climate crisis.  But it’s a step in the transition to a more sustainable and just world and encourages carbon emissions reduction industry-wide.
We are constantly assessing ways to reduce our impact and move towards more sustainable business practices.