Australian made haircare & grooming products

Born and bred in the suburbs of Melbourne and influenced by our global travels,
we thrive off culture, style, adventure and storytelling

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In February 2020 we took our first step towards reducing the carbon footprint we leave and offsetting its emissions to become a 100% carbon neutral business.

This has been achieved by partnering with Greening Australia’s reforestation program. They plant native carbon-sequestering trees across Southern Australia’s biodiversity belt to create Australia’s biggest carbon sink and establish one million hectares of habitat across southern Australia. In 2020 we became a partner with “1 Tree Planted” and committed to donating a percentage of each sale to their organisation. These donations are used to plant tree’s around the Australia, strengthening our natural ecosystem.

This our beginning.

Our Story

Inspired by Australian barbering, tattoo and surf cultures and the people who surround them, Modern Pirate encapsulates a free and easy approach to individual style and expression through high quality Australian made haircare and lifestyle products.

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